Daniele Di Stasio graduated from Polytechnic in Mechanical Engineering, Milan, in 1986.

He worked for over 10 years at the Group Agusta Westland in Cascina Costa (Varese) gaining considerable experience in the CAD / CAE field with the task of evaluating, introducing and managing technical and scientific software in support of the Group design offices.

Working closely with areas such as structures, rotors, transmission systems he could ripen on experience in the analysis of FEM / FEA problems, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones.

In 1997 he founded a CAD / CAE services company, working for companies operating in various sectors: space / aeronautics, automotive, oil, packaging, lift and plant.

Over the years he has also dealt with the management of scientific computing software, development of software applications with multiple programming languages ​​(Pascal, Fortan, C, C ++, Visual Basic, Perl, Html).

His passion for computer science led him to get to know different operating systems (Unix, Digital VMS, IBM MVS, MS-DOS, Windows) and office applications.


Software development for Add-ins Solidworks.