Fem Calculations

Our experience in the finite element analysis dates back to the ‘80s when the software was powered by expensive mainframe.

During years of employment with aeronautical, automotive, transportation, packaging, construction companies, we have used software such as NASTRAN, I-DEAS, ANSYS.

Currently we use SOLIDWORKS that allows us to address any issues of FEM analysis and FEA modelling.

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FEM simulation can computer analyze the behavior of structures subject to any kind of effort during the design, prior to their implementation.

The FEA process (finite element analysis) is a methodology to analyse parts and assemblies designed to make them sustainable during the entire life cycle of the product.

  • Creation of a geometric model
  • Definition of the operating environment
  • Calculation and simulation of structural response (e.g. deflections, stress, temperature).

If design parameters are not respected the structure is redesigned and re-analized (in automatic mode) until the desired result is obtained.
The re-design and re-analysis cycles can be automated by structural optimization.